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Small Luxuries

By October 25, 2018Uncategorized

“Didn’t I tell you this was a lovely place?” Holly Golightly exclaims joyfully in the 1961 film ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s’ when a shop assistant shows her a sterling silver telephone dialler, reasonably priced at $6.75 “including federal tax”. Telephone diallers, silver or otherwise, are much less in demand these days but the little twinkle of delight that we feel when we indulge in small luxuries never loses its place in everyday life. Sometimes, when you’ve got the blues, or a case of the ‘mean reds’, a silver telephone dialler is just the answer!

The Silver Telephone Dialler

The Silver Telephone Dialler, ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s’, 1961

Here in the workshop, we’re no strangers to the warming appeal of the small luxury. Since telephones no longer have dials, here are a few alternative suggestions:

Champagne Spoon

What could be more decadent than the concept of left-over champagne? For those post-Christmas, post-dinner party, post-wedding days when it seems wasteful to empty the last half-bottle of fizz down the sink, a silver spoon hanging in the neck of the bottle will help to keep the bubbles lively for an extra day to two. So you can start ‘dry January’ on the third…

When not being used to preserve the fizz, this elegant long-handled spoon can be used as a server. Why not use it before you even open the bottle to serve a fresh raspberry into each glass?

2018-10-23 18.04.52

‘Champagne Spoon’, hot-forged in Sterling Silver


Toothpick Holder

It’s generally considered to be bad manners to pick your teeth at the table so if you are going to do it, do it in style. Our solid silver disc dispenser can be placed discreetly in the centre of the table for those dinner guests who might have bitten off more than they can chew…

Toothpick Holder

Toothpick Holder, Solid Sterling Silver


Ice-Cream Scoop

Sometimes the simplest things are the most enjoyable and the treats we loved in childhood stay favourites well into later life. In other words, you can’t beat a summer scoop of ice-cream! A sterling silver ice-cream scoop conducts heat beautifully so can be warmed up under the hot water tap before the Kelly’s comes out of the freezer.


Ice-Cream Scoop, Hot-forged in Sterling Silver, photgraphed at Sennon Cove, Cornwall


Silver Pan

With its 7.5cm diameter, our small silver sauce pan is designed for just that – sauce! Whether it’s a hot boozy pudding, a roast with rich jus or fish with delicate, melted herby butter, a solid silver pan that can be brought from the hotplate straight to the table adds a perfect touch of luxury to any dish.

Silver Pan

Silver Pan, Britannia Silver


Swan Spoon & Ladle

Our Swan Spoons are a firm favourite for serving an indulgent splash of cream onto desserts, drizzling a mouthwatering vinegarette onto salads or scooping freshly ground coffee. They are also perfect for condiments such as sugar, salt, pepper, mayonaise or mustard.

Photo 08-10-2018, 17 35 41

Swan Spoon with Ladle, solid sterling silver, gold-plated interior


Officially the smallest spoon in our reportoire, the Swan Spoon Ladle measures approximately 7cm in length and delivers a sprinkle of luxury with every meal.


Photo 08-10-2018, 17 38 15

Ladle, hot-forged in sterling silver


For more information about on where we will be exhibiting our pans, spoons and other pieces, visit the Events page of our website.



  • Becky Payne says:

    I want them all!

  • Janssen says:

    Only one question:
    Will we have the opportunity to see you in Hamburg during the MKG excepition end of November ?
    R. Janssen

    • Brett Payne says:

      Unfortunately, we will not be exhibiting at the MKG Messe in Hamburg this year. We will be announcing our list of events for 2019 in February. In the meantime, keep watching the blog for all our latest news! We hope to see you soon!

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