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Pimm’s O’Clock!

By April 25, 2015February 14th, 2018Uncategorized

Pimm’s O’Clock!


Thanks to this spell of brighter, warmer weather, we at Studio 19 are dying to get out of the workshop and into the garden. What better excuse could there be than our forth-coming show at RHS Garden Wisley? The tulips are flourishing and we hope to join them, displaying our freshest designs in silver tableware, cookware and candlesticks.


In preparation we took advantage of the sunshine this week to try out our set of silver jugs and drinking vessels with a round of Pimm’s on the lawn. Our striking jug design made its debut last year at Wisley (as some of you may remember) but we now make it in three different sizes with the option of gilding the interior and underside. Sets of silver drinking vessels are also now available to match.


The base is designed to make the jug float a centimetre or so above the surface of the table. If gilded, the underside of the jug will reflect a golden halo onto the table cloth when standing and provide a flash of gold when tipped for pouring.


Brett was interviewed recently for the Life & Style section of The Observer and was featured in an online article on Sunday 26th April, which included a photograph of him working on a silver jug. To view the full article click here.

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