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In Season

By May 14, 2015October 31st, 2017Uncategorized

In Season


After a very enjoyable show (and even some sunshine!) at RHS Garden Wisley this month we felt in the mood for fresh, seasonal produce. In the month of May that means asparagus!

There’s all sorts you can do with this tasty delicacy but we like it best simply steamed and ‘un-messed-with’, served with a creamy Hollandaise sauce.


Our solid silver sauceboat and matching ladle make the perfect accompaniment to this dish. Add our silver salt and pepper shakers for that final dash of seasoning and enjoy!


If like us you’re getting in the mood for summer, why not join us for our next show in Bovey Tracey in Devon where we’ll have the sauceboat, salt and peppers shakers and a variety of other pieces on display! Click here for more information.

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