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An Evening with Leo

By April 4, 2019Uncategorized

2019 is going to be a big year for Sheffield.

It’s the year that Leonardo da Vinci comes to the Millennium Gallery in the city centre and it’s the year that Goldsmiths North, a new summer selling fair, brings the best contemporary silverware and jewellery to the Cutlers’ Hall.

Leonardo da Vinci: A Life In Drawing will see 12 of his most extraordinary drawings displayed in Sheffield as part of a major nationwide exhibition marking the 500th anniversary of his death. Museums Sheffield celebrated this extraordinary exhibition by choosing all things Leonardo as the theme for their annual fundraising dinner this year.


A pair of our XY Candlesticks were donated to the charity auction by Goldsmiths North and took centre stage with the evening’s key speakers and impressive auctioneer.


A pair of XY Candlesticks will always add to the evening entertainment! We made sure to demonstrate them in between dinner courses.


Brett’s daughter, Katherine, and son, Gil, ready with the signature white gloves

We hope that all those who were outbid will come along to Goldsmiths North in July for a second chance to own a pair.


Museums Sheffield, Charity Auction, March 2019


The Leonardo exhibition at the Millennium Gallery allows its visitors astonishing access to the 12 intricate drawings. They are displayed in a calm, quiet space, unencumbered by cabinets or rope barriers, where visitors can get close enough to discern Leonardo’s own hand in every spidery line. Despite being hundreds of years old, these astonishing pages bring out in us a very modern fascination with beautiful things and the people who create them.


The Master & Mistress Cutler admire a Da Vinci drawing, March 2019

We own more objects than probably any generation that came before us but it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep sight of where our belongings come from and how they are made.

In July, Goldsmiths North will fill the Cutlers’ Hall with beautiful things and offer visitors the chance to meet, engage with and buy from the fascinating people who actually make them. It’s your opportunity to touch, try on and take home. Save the date and don’t miss out!

Goldsmiths North, 12th – 14th July. Click here for more information.



Photographs by Ellie Grace Photography

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