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The Swan Spoon


We’ve just completed the latest flock of Swan Spoons in readiness for our next show, MADE London Canary Wharf at the end of April. ‘Getting your swans in a row’ is always a satisfying feeling!

IMG_1688Even though we use our enormous drop hammer to shape the deep, crisp spoon bowls, the Swans are delightfully balanced and surprisingly light-footed. Play the video below to see! (Don’t forget to turn on the sound)

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Each swan head is slightly different from its neighbour and is set with 18ct yellow gold bead eyes to really bring it to life. The inside of each spoon bowl is gilded, which will protect the silver from salt and acidic sauces, so you can use them on the table for whatever seasoning or garnish takes your fancy. They also make excellent tea caddy spoons, coffee scoops and pin trays.

Join us at the East Wintergarden in Canary Wharf from Wednesday 25th – Sunday 29th April to take a closer look. Don’t worry if you miss it – from there the flock will be flying westward to the Craft & Design Fair at RHS Wisley, near Woking, from Thursday 3rd – Monday 7th May.

For a full list of all our 2018 shows, check our Events page.


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