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Egg & Spoon !

By March 18, 2015February 14th, 2018Tableware

Egg & Spoon !


If, like us, you’ve noticed the brighter days and the garden springing into life, you’ll be in no doubt that Spring is finally here!

This week we’ve been sampling the culinary delights of the Easter season and enjoying some of our freshest silverware (which – by the way – loves the Spring sunshine just as much as we do!) A sterling silver cake slice really adds a sparkle to sunny morning coffee and cake…

IMG_1870 - Version 2

As well as enjoying the odd hot cross bun and crumb of traditional simnel cake, we’ve been having some Easter fun with our new range of spoons…


If you’re partial to a mini egg or two at this time of year, our generous rice spoon doubles as a confectionery dish – all sweetness and light…


We’re hoping that the pleasant weather will continue over the Easter weekend and into April for our next show, Craft in Focus in Canterbury. In the meantime, everyone in the workshop wishes you a Happy Easter!

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  • amyhole13 says:

    Gorgeous photography of the pieces! Do you also do egg cups?

    • Hi Amy! A silver egg cup would really be something, wouldn’t it – unfortunately, eggs contain a lot of sulphur which is no friend to silver so the two don’t really mix… Unless it’s for decorative purposes, of course! Needless to say, chocolate eggs are totally fine! 😉

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