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Travelling in Style

By October 13, 2016October 31st, 2017Candlesticks, Shows & Exhibitions, Silverware

Travelling in Style

There are some things that every seasoned traveller knows you should never travel without – a toothbrush, a good book – and as silversmiths who are often on the move, silver candlesticks are our constant companions.


The XY Candlesticks in particular lend themselves to a wide range of settings, some more luxurious than others. With their ability to adapt to different spaces and styles of decor, the XYs are at home even in the most unusual of places, as we found when we spent the night at the Old Railway Station Hotel at Petworth. This former railway station dates back to the 1890s and offers guests the choice of a room in the station house itself or in the restored Pullman carriages that still sit alongside its platform.



With interiors worthy of the very finest Belgian detective, the Pullman carriage provided a sumptuous backdrop for the XYs to demonstrate their versitility. Settling drowsily back into the plush Christie-esque furnishings of this enchanting place, the weary traveller can rest assured that the twinkle of candlelight on silver will keep potential murder plots from the door.


There is definitely a sense of satisfaction to be felt in the fact that, whatever the end destination might be, this elegant pair of candlesticks will embrace it with ease – be it a new house, a redecorated room or even a railway carriage.


Come and see us at one of the many shows we’ll be ‘calling at’ before Christmas. A list of all stations is available here.


  • Clive Goodwin says:

    The XY candlesticks do look great Brett.

    I was talking to a silversmith who was demonstrating the art at the V&A during the LDF week in September. She was most complimentary about your candlesticks, and interested to know I had a pair.

    How is your lovely daughter who showed Jenny and me around Sheffield while you repaired my XYs in 2014? Think I saw a photo of her at Satchi Gallery with a bevy of XYs.


    Clive Goodwin

  • What a great place to stay. I hope there was a good breakfast too!

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