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Ode to the Spoon

By June 16, 2015October 31st, 2017Silversmithing

Ode to the Spoon


Our faithful followers will notice a change in our blog this week – we hope you like our new look!

The great news is we can now post videos on our blog as well as pictures, so watch this space for footage of the workshop and glimpses of the silversmithing that goes on in it…

In preparation for our next show at West Dean College this weekend (click here for more info) we thought we’d kick things off with a video about the making of spoons. Used throughout the history of man by kings and paupers alike to consume everything from soup to desserts, the spoon is both essential and universal – why not make it beautiful as well?


All of our spoons are hot-forged in sterling silver, many of them from a single piece, allowing for balance and poise from tip to bowl.


Evolution of the Spoon

[wpvideo CA53fca1]

We will be displaying and selling our spoons at the West Dean Design & Craft Fair from 19th – 21st June. Come and see the real thing!


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