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The Bingley Collection

By April 15, 2015October 31st, 2017Silversmithing

The Bingley Collection


This month the workshop favourite is our new range of Bingley Spoons, inspired by our very own workshop mascot!

 The range currently consists of two designs, a long spoon and a side ladle – although other variations are in the offing…

2015-03-17 16.42.09

The design’s distinctive oval-shaped bowl is modelled on Bingley’s pointed features in profile and formed using a powerful drop-hammer for a deep, crisp result.


2015-03-17 16.37.34

Before polishing, each spoon is inspected by Mr Bingley himself and given his seal of approval!


The Bingley side-ladle has already proved itself in a number of our posts as a pourer for pancake batter and a serving ladle for beans but the long spoons are also a delightful addition to any table setting, working nicely as a pair.


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