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Tischkultur !

By February 23, 2015February 14th, 2018Shows & Exhibitions

Tischkultur !


Exploring the Table Culture of Europe

This month we spent a few days in Germany at the international Ambiente trade show, where manufacturers of dining and tableware come from all over the world to show their new designs. From kitchen trends to prestige dining, it’s all there – a veritable wonderland for anyone enthusiastic about pots, pans, utensils and cutlery.


Naturally, candlesticks are not excluded from this repertoire and some of our candlesticks were on display in the prestige dining hall.


This was a valuable opportunity for us to have a look at what’s new in tableware design for 2015. We spent a fascinating few days exploring the bustling kitchenware and dining halls that supply the hotels and restaurants of Europe with everything from wine glasses to chef’s knives.

Part of the fun was the impressive array of creatively decorated trade stands, some incorporating very ambitious props such as log cabins, vintage motorcycles and perfectly manicured grass!



The show had a distinct international atmosphere, with visitors coming from as far afield as China and Russia to see what the European dining culture could bring to the table. For us it was a great opportunity to interact with our valued international clientele who we see less of in the UK.


We did bring back one souvenir from our travels in the land of astoundingly accurate train timetables – the word ‘Tischkultur’. Combining the German words for ‘table’ and ‘culture’ it has become something of a buzzword in the workshop, a mantra for tableware enthusiasts everywhere!

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  • Tony Garthwaite says:

    I like the effect of the two pairs of XYs on the table. ………must save up for a second pair!! The first pair were on display on the 14th’!

    • Well spotted, Tony! The XYs interact so seamlessly that sometimes you can’t tell at a glance how many candlesticks there are in an arrangement! Needless to say, with a set of four you have double the number of arrangements and double the fun! 😉

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