Hydra Centrepiece

The Hydra Centrepiece can be as simple and unobtrusive as a single, elegant candlestick or a small vase but with the addition of various ‘heads’ it can transform into a large and spectacular candelabrum with candles set at any height. With the addition of further heads, flowers can be introduced into the ensemble allowing the Hydra to be adapted and used for everything from an intimate dinner à deux to a large party or family gathering.

Base with single candle – £1,995
Base with bud vase – £3,395
Base with large vase – £3,945
Base with tall candelabra – £4,245
Base with drop candelabra – £4,245
Other combinations available. Please enquire for details.

Please get in touch at brett@brettpayne.com for confirmation of price and delivery options.

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