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I would urge you to think of your Brett Payne Silverware as being very robust; it is not plated, lacquered or treated in any way so you can have confidence that the finish on the silver is very tough.

The simplest and easiest method of cleaning your piece is to wash it regularly in hot water and green Fairy liquid, rinse thoroughly and dry with a fresh tea-towel.

If on occasions you feel that it would benefit from a more thorough clean then I would recommend the use of Silver polishing paste. A number of people make it - John Lewis make a version called ‘Anti-tarnish silver paste’; Sainsbury / Tesco also sell a version, and I’m sure there are others.

These products are essentially a pink rouge paste and they come with a small sponge that you dip in warm water and rub the paste onto the surface. It is a very gentle but effective process and can be washed off under a warm running tap and dried with a tea-towel.

The only proprietary silver cleaning product that perhaps I would tend to steer clear of is ‘Silver dip’ which does tend to be rather aggressive and is perhaps more appropriate for jewellery.

If you have any problems please don’t hesitate to contact me. brett@brettpayne.com